House – Whitehead: Hillcrest KZN

SFD was awarded the contract to design, manufacture and supply the complete light gauge structure and all materials for this 350sqm upmarket house in Hillcrest.

The owners of this house are environmentally conscious and desired to build their dream home using an environmentally friendly building system that also delivers excellent thermal and sound qualities. After thorough investigations into the steel frame building system the owners were convinced that our system was the way to build. This proved to be a very wise choice based on the owner’s incredibly positive feedback after living in their home for over a year.

Below is a testimonial from Mr. David Whitehead:

“ I was thinking the other day about sending you guys an e-mail as we’ve been in the house almost a year and we are enjoying it very much!  When we hear of the delays and problems that some of our friends have experienced when building or renovating their houses, we realise how smoothly our process was, which we feel is both a testimony to the LGS process and the way you guys handled the project.  We have been very happy with all aspects of the house and we have no hesitation recommending both you and the steel frame process to others”.

ClientHouse – Whitehead: Hillcrest KZN