About us

Steel Frame Dynamics (S.F.D.) - With over 17 years’ experience in the alternative building industry, we have evolved from humble beginnings as a light gauge steel rollforming company with multiple FrameCad machines into a project solutions driven business. We offer our clients accurate design modeling using the latest proprietary software’s with multiple alternative building solutions. These solutions are based on the highest volume capacities the country has to offer to ensure we are able to deliver large scale projects on time and with excellence.

FrameCad Technologies

S.F.D. has obtained the internationally renowned and licensed FrameCad Technologies Engineering System from New Zealand. The system comprises factory manufactured and assembled galvanised steel frame components to erect high quality structures, constructed on a concrete slab or steel floor frame, and cladded internally and externally by any of a number of accredited products.

The main component of the System is the Numeric computerised steel frame roll-former capable of producing 550 meters of framing per hour. S.F.D. is able to produce 4400 meters of framing per day. This equates to providing approximately 2 medium size houses of 120sqm per day.

The FrameCAD system uses a proprietary software package called “Structure” that enables flexible architectural design for any type of building structure.

The design software further exports the design file to the steel bending roll-former to provide for precision and accurate manufacturing and extruding of the steel frame components.

Each component is individually identified with its own ID for ease of assembly on site.

With the use of our state-of-the-art proprietary engineering software and Rollforming capabilities, we are capable of designing to any specifications from garages to up-market homes, schools, clinics, light commercial, town-houses, and retail applications. Our system is extremely versatile and can be integrated with many other forms of construction such as warehousing projects.

Since the company’s inception in 2006, we have been involved in hundreds of successful projects throughout South Africa as well as the export market.

We now boast the most experienced LGS contractors in the country.

Steel Frame Dynamics has a network of industry-leading building companies that are available to our clients based on their specific project requirements.

The Building System


The steel frame walls, ceiling panels and roof trusses are usually first assembled in the factory and then transported to site. The frame components once delivered to the site will, on the same day, be erected onto a foundation consisting of either a concrete slab or a factory manufactured steel framed floor.

Depending on the size of structure, completion of a medium sized house takes between 1 – 4 days (steel erection only).

All technical expertise has been achieved over the years through on-site experience and correspondence with all major role players within the industry.

The provision of training courses through S.A.S.F.A. (South African Steel Framing Association) has also been of great assistance to the industry.

Market Range

The versatility of our product is not limited to any sector of the market, and is applicable to low-cost as well as upmarket projects.

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