House – Breytenbach: Albert Falls Dam KZN

SFD was awarded the contract to supply all materials including the light weight steel as a kit and all required materials for this project. SFD gave full technical supervision whilst the actual building contract was carried out by a specialized steel frame contracting company JVR Steel Frame Builders.

The design had many challenges due to a cantilevered wrap-around balcony and multiple wide openings that would enhance the view of the dam from within the house. Having the wide openings up to 8 meters we decided to incorporate the larger and heavier RSJ structural steel supports for the front of the house. This steel would serve as both a support for these openings as well as the cantilevered balcony above.

The design worked very well and was integrated perfectly into the cladding of our product.

The overall project including finishes was completed within 14 weeks from slab level which is unheard of in the building industry and the client was extremely satisfied with the speed and accuracy of the project.

ClientHouse – Breytenbach: Albert Falls Dam KZN